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CIT Graduate
responsive websites/ company branding/
logo design/ digital art/ photography.
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Przemyslaw Mamon (pink ♑) is a Polish artist who came to Ireland in 2006. Throughout his studies at University he always found the time to hone and refine his painting style. As a consequence he was unafraid to experiment with colours, materials and subject matter. Many of the works you can see represent fleeting moments of interest which have been captured permanently on . His interests are twofold, firstly he is interested in the human form and secondly he is fascinated by the light which envelopes it. Before a piece of art is ever painted he vigorously sketches it so that every facet of the subject matter has been explored. Przemek , has applied the same principles to his video art work. In his film he has depicted everyday actions but framed by the appropriate soundtrack and camera angle. This creates the eerie yet engaging cinematography that moves through human sequences, such as opening doors and driving through a deserted townscape. Again the human form is the reference we see the whole time set against the backdrop of the image narrative. The storyline is relevant yet at the same time irreverent and the image, tone, mood are the main priorities for Przemek. Consequently the divergence of technology and art has enabled Przemek to embrace the digital and computational era. In his pursuance of this he has completed numerous Irish courses to equip him with the correct competence to articulate his artistic ideas. In 2009 he attended the Cork Institute of technology to complete a certificate in Novell Linux. Again at the same college he completed a certificate in Media Production in 2010. Przemek is now well poised and equipped to cater to any vision you may have both graphically and digitally .

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